How GoDaddy’s Domain Buy Service Works

domain buy service

Want a Domain But Someone Else Owns It?

Here’s how GoDaddy’s Domain Buy Service works:

A domain name is an essential component of a website. It is the human-readable address of the website. In the absence of one, people will find your website only through a string of numbers that represent the computer it is on.

A domain name is made up of three parts namely;

I. www – it is an indication that it is a web address.

II. The major part of the domain which represents the company or the name of an organization.

III. The domain suffix. The domain suffix tells the type of the domain. For instance, .com represents the company; Org represents a nonprofit organization; Edu shows the website is for an educational establishment, and .net shows it is a network provider.

Prospective buyers of domains must exercise caution when buying domains. You must do everything possible to land a good domain name.

Some of the most important things to note include:

I. If you can get a .com domain name, the better. It is the most prestigious, and your website visitors are more likely to trust you when you have one.

II. Make sure that your domain name is as easy to remember as possible. One way of achieving this is to keep it short. It is also wise to avoid hyphens.

III. Buy a domain from a reputable seller/registrar.
One of the most reputable domain sellers is GoDaddy. Its great prices and numerous other benefits appeal to a lot of people. So, how do you go about it?

GoDaddy’s Domain Buy Service: How It Works

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit and look for the domain name you want. Remember to double check the spelling. Check if it is available because you can’t buy it if it is unavailable.
  2. GoDaddy will ask if you wish to get the default version (.com). They will also want to know if you’re going to buy the other four variants. Choose the domain types you want and confirm that you’ve selected the accurate number of domains and then progress to the Cart.
  3. On the next page, GoDaddy will ask if you want domain privacy. It is a feature that hides your personal details from people searching for the domain owner. Before you enable it, understand that it attracts an annual charge of at least £5.99. Note that it is not a necessity. Since you are just buying a domain, ignore the hosting and email options. However, if you desire a customized email address, you may create one. Your customers may have more confidence in you with such an email address. Move to the bottom of the page and click “Continue to Cart.”
  4. The next screen requires you to create an account (if you don’t have one) or sign in to make a purchase.
  5. Once you’ve done the above, you are taken to a new screen where you are requested to review the details of your purchase. Double check everything, including the number of domains and aspects such as domain privacy, email, and so on. Upon confirming that all is well, continue to “Checkout and Pay.”

That’s all there is when buying a domain from GoDaddy. A confirmation email will hit your inbox. Besides delivering your customer number, the email also explains what you have purchased. Keep the customer number and password safe.