How to Get a Free SSL Certificate on GoDaddy

ssl certificates free

Free is Good. Here’s How:

Also known as a digital certificate, an SSL Certificate provides a secure link between a site and the browser of the visitor. It helps to keep hackers away from having access to private information like names, addresses, and credit card numbers.

SSL Certificates provide authentication. You can be sure that the information you send goes to the right server. An SSL certificate is ideal for businesses that sell products online. If you run such a business, you must protect your customers’ sensitive information against third parties who may use it maliciously.

Search engines such as Google label websites that have no SSL certificates “Insecure.” If your website gains this tag, you can bet that existing and potential clients will lose faith in you.

Why lose business just because you didn’t use something that can be obtained for free?

Yes, you read it right!

Obtaining a free SSL Certificate is as easy as the ABCs. Of utmost importance is to ensure that you get it from a trusted provider.

In this post, we teach you how to get a free SSL Certificate with GoDaddy. If you are doing it for the first time, it will take you about ten minutes or so.

  1. Visit, and insert your domain details on the right side. Be sure to use both forms of your URL address – with and without the www. Check off the TOS checkboxes. Click on “Next.” Wait for a minute or two for the site to generate your CSR.
  2. Once you have the CSR, download it and click Next. In a few moments, you will have the account key. On completion, download it and then press the Next button once more.
  3. On the next screen, you will be provided with two HTML files. Download them and make sure they are easily accessible because you will need to upload them to your website. This step aims at verifying ownership of the site for which you are seeking an SSL certificate. It means that you have to log into your Cpanel and access the File Manager.

Here is how to do it:

I. Select your URL and press the Go button

II. In the File Manager, hit the +Folder and Add the “Well-Known” folder. Next, click that folder and then hit the +Folder once more and then add “Acme Challenge.” Remember the two files you downloaded? Now is the time to upload them. Press the “Acme Challenge” and upload the two files one at a time.

III. Go back to ZeroSSL. Click the two file links. A white page with a code at the top is an indication that you’ve done things correctly. If not there, go back and do it right!

IV. To finalize the certificate, click the Next button. When the page has loaded fully, scroll to the bottom and download your certificate and private key. Leave this page running.

  1. On your GoDaddy Cpanel, scroll downwards until you see Security. Can you see the SSL/TLS icon? Click on it, scroll down, check out the “Install and Manage SLL for your Site (HTTPS)” and click “Manage SSL sites.”
  2. At the bottom of the current page after action four above, look for “Install and SSL Website.” select your domain name. Return to ZeroSSL, copy your certificate and paste it in GoDaddy into the certificate field. Click into the field in GoDaddy and scroll downwards until you can see:

End certificate
Begin certificate

  1. Copy the text that starts from BEGIN CERTIFICATE until the end. Cut and paste the content into the field at the GoDaddy’s bottom area. It is known as the Certificate Authority Bundle.
  2. Return to ZeroSSL, copy the key, and paste it into GoDaddy. Hit the Install Certificate button at the bottom of the page. If you’ve done it right, you will see this pop out message:

“SSL Certificate successfully updated.”

  1. Congratulations! Your FREE SSL Certificate is up and working!